Frequently Asked Questions

Is the event free to attend?

Yes! You will be welcomed into the homes and studios of all the participating artists free of charge. You can also pick up a free catalogue at many of the shops and cafes in Crystal Palace.

How will I know where the open houses are?

You will be able to identify participating houses and studios by the estate agent board installed outside with our bright pink logo on it. These have been generously provided by our sponsors, Martin & Co.

You can also refer to the map in the free catalogue, the map of all the venues under Visit Us; and each artist’s page has a live google map showing you how to get to their venue.

What if the front door is closed?

Just knock or ring the bell! We advise all participating artists to keep their front doors closed for security, but they will be expecting you.

However, please respect our opening times of 11am – 6pm each day.

Can I buy work from the artists?

Yes you can! This is a wonderful opportunity to buy directly from the artist themselves. However, there is no obligation to buy, you are very welcome simply to browse.

How do I pay for work I buy?

Many of the artists will have card readers, so you will be able to pay with most debit or credit cards; or they will have the ability to receive payment by PayPal. However, some artists will only be able to accept cash payments.

Are children welcome?

Absolutely! It is a wonderful experience for children. However, please ensure your child respects the art and the houses.

Tell all your friends how fabulous this is!