Lucy Cooper – Come Rain or Shine!

With spring in the air and the season of Flower Shows underway, floral patterns are emerging all around us. Both those created by nature and those inspired by nature.

My own floral designs started with a clump of striking dark purple geraniums in my parents’ garden. Photographing them and then developing them digitally was the beginning of a series of designs which now feature on several of my greetings cards and other products. Daisies, wisteria, blossom, sweet peas, irises, aliums, and sunflowers can all now be found in my range of cards. And I will always have etched in my memory the exact place and time where I first saw and photographed each one of them.

I was lucky enough to visit the Chelsea Flower Show a few years ago and that wonderful day of beauty, colour and inspiration left with me with hundreds of photographs and countless ideas for future designs. One of these, a spectacular eryngium, became the starting point of a Christmas card design. Another was to develop into my series of sweet pea cards.

And several of the flowers have evolved into a series of “floral stripes” designs – abstract stripes created from the deconstructed colour palettes of daisies, tulips, roses, blossom and willow

More recently, I have been experimenting with repeat patterns on fabric or objects. Here’s a cushion I produced for my Mum from a sweet pea design, a favourite flower of both of ours that will always remind me of her. 

And one of my most exciting deliveries recently was this umbrella, again using the sweet pea design but in a different colourway, and modelled by one of my daughters. So I can enjoy floral designs, come rain or shine!

Cards and prints by Lucy Cooper will be available for sale during the Crystal Palace Artists’ Open House weekends at Flat 6, 14 Mowbray Road SE19 2RN

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