Lucy Cooper – Reflections on Water

As a schoolgirl I hated swimming lessons. The cold, damp changing rooms, the shivering by the edge of the pool, and the embarrassment of being one of the few who still splashed around in the shallow end. But one day it was our art teacher who took us to the swimming pool. She told us to spend the lesson looking at the water, really focussing on what we saw and trying to capture that with paint on paper. For some, this was a tiresome and thankless task: how, after all, to paint something that never stays still? But for me it proved to be the start of a lifelong fascination with water and its constantly changing colours and patterns.

Brown Water, Greenland Dock

Several decades later, and I’m still drawn to these ever-changing patterns, and the different reflections created by the interplay of water and light. Living near the River Thames and commuting to work by boat gives me a daily dose of inspiration – no day the same, as the water surface responds to different seasons, weathers, tides and light, not to mention my own moods and view points.

Docklands reflection 2

Photography is the starting point of most of my work. I love the fact that it produces a snapshot – literally – of a moment in time, freezing the patterns made by water in exciting and unexpected ways.

Lucy taking a photo

Wherever I travel, it is water and reflections that I am always drawn to, and the hundreds of photographs I have of seas, rivers, lakes, swimming pools or puddles throughout the world is testament to that. The colours range from dark browns, through golds and silvers, to bright blues, while the moods they evoke can switch from calm and meditative to striking and challenging. This ever-evolving nature of water continues to inspire me and can be seen in many of my screen prints, photographic prints and cards.

River Thames Study, limited edition screenprint 10cm x 10cm

And in case you wondered, I now love swimming!

Prints and cards will be on display and for sale during the Crystal Palace Artists’ Open House weekends at Flat 6, 14 Mowbray Road SE19 2RN

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