Suzanne Pink – Hand finishing prints!

It was an exciting week last week with everything starting to come together for Open House and yet still so much to do! My latest prints were ready to collect from the wonderful and local JustGiclée and the next step was to carefully trim each print and begin the process of hand painting details. I use watercolour, metallic gouache and a tiny brush which requires a steady hand and a meticulous attention to detail. There’s also the pressure of ensuring no slip-ups are made right at the last moment. It’s worth the effort (and the stiff neck) though, as each print is elevated by these individual finishing touches.

I’ve also been handfinishing my boxed notecards…I must admit that playing with ribbon and labels (with frequent cups of tea) is one of my favourite pastimes and quite therapeutic. Also an excellent excuse to leave the piles of laundry until later…

Framing is next on the agenda for this coming week and of course a major tidying session in the house, ready for 27th April!

Hand finishing a print
Packaging a print, ready to send to a customer!

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