Cooper’s Yard

Open both weekends

Cooper’s Yard Studios is a community of creative businesses. We cover dressmaking, letterpress, photography, graphic design, make-up, ceramics, art and animation. Enjoy a drink in our lovely cobbled yard. We look forward to welcoming you!

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Cooper’s Yard, SE19 1TN

Showing at this venue

Andy Bate                                                                      
Louise Heywood Makeup

Janne Cornish                                                                 
Tanya Cornish                                                                 
David Dipré                                                                   
Mike Dipré
Jodi Jones
Catherine Shaw
Lena Bladbjerg
Emma Cheng

May 31 @ 11:35 — December 31 @ 12:35
11:35 — 12:35 (13920h 59′)

Cooper’s Yard, SE19 1TN

art, ceramics, craft, design, fashion, print

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